Hayk Melikyan

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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
North Carolina Central University

1801 Fayetteville St.
Durham, NC 27707

fax: (919)530-6125
phone:(919) 530 -5111

E-mail: melikyan@nccu.edu

URL: http://www.math.nccu.edu/~melikyan





Ph.D. Mathematics  February, 1985

V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow.
Advisor: Professor Alexei I.
Ph.D. Thesis: Maximal subalgebras in the simple Lie p-algebras of Cartan type.
Minor: Mathematical Logic and Number Theory.

Master of Computer Science 1998-1999

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

M.A., Honors Mathematics 1971 - 1975.

Armenian State Pedagogical Institute, Yerevan, Armenia.


North Carolina Central University - Durham

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,

Professor:                    07/06

Associate Professor:    08/99 - 07/06

Courses taught: Courses taught: Abstract Algebra, Modern Algebra, Number Theory,

 Linear Algebra,  Analysis of Algorithms, Cryptography and Data Security, Discrete Mathematics,

Differential Equations, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Finite Mathematics, College

Algebra and Trigonometry, Introduction to Database Systems, Advanced Database Systems,

Concepts of Programming Languages, Introduction to Programming,  Programming in Java, WWW Programming.

Marquette University - Milwaukee

Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Lecturer: 01/99 - 07/99.

Courses taught: Principles of Database Systems. Concepts of Programming Languages

         University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

          Department of Mathematics, Lecturer: 09/98 -07/99.

Courses taught: Beginning of Algebra.

Computer Science Department Teaching Assistant: 01/98 - 07/98.

Courses taught: Programming languages; Fortran90, C++


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Department of Mathematics, Instructor: 09/95 - 12/97

Courses taught: Algebra, Trigonometry, Finite Mathematics, Calculus.
Satellite Instructor: 01/97-06 /97.

Research Assistant: 01/95 - 08/95 and 06/96 - 09/96.

 Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute, Vanadzor, Armenia.

Docent (Associate Professor) of Mathematics: 09/ 85 - 01/ 95.

Courses taught: Algebra; Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Mathematical Logic and

Theory of Algorithms, Numerical Methods, Introduction to Programming.


Modular Lie Algebras: Structural characterization of maximal subalgebras of
modular simple Lie algebras, classification of simple Lie algebras of small characteristics,

Representation Theory,Theory of Quantum Groups,
Applied Mathematics,
Numerical Analysis, Approximation Theory, and Quantum dot/ring calculations
Computer Science:
Cryptography, Key Distribution, Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems.


Programming Languages: Assembly, Fortran90, C, C++, Java, Prolog, DBMS (SQL, PL/SQL, ORACLE).

Operating System: UNIX, Linux, Windows ME, 2000, XP, MS-DOS.

Mathematical Software: Mathematica, Maple, Matlab.


Proficient in three languages:

Armenian (native language), Russian, English.


 ·   Lie and Jordan Algebras, Their Representations and Applications V:  State  University of Pará, Belem, Brazil,  July 8 - 13, 2012

·      Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop on Categorification of Quantum Groups and Representation Theory, NCSU,  April 21-22, 2012

·         Lie and Jordan Algebras, Their Representations and Applications V:  State  University of Pará, Belem, Brazil,  July 8 - 13, 2012

·         Nonassociative Algebra in Action: Past, Present and Future Perspectives. University Virginia,       September 1- 4, 2011

·         Southern Lie Theory Workshop: Finite and Algebraic Groups. University Virginia, June 1-4, 2011

·         Deformation Theory of Algebras and Modules, NCSU, May 16-20, 2011


·          Algebra Seminar at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, August 10, 2010

 Southeastern Lie Theory Workshop on Combinatorial Lie Theory and Applications, NCSU. October 9-11, 2009.

·         AMS  #1048  Sectional Meeting, NCSU, Raleigh,  April 4-5, 2009

·         University of California Lie Theory Workshop in honor Prof. G. Benkart February 16-18, San Diego, 2008

·         Mid-Atlantic Algebra Conference at NCCU, Durham, April 21-22, 2007.

·          Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory: A conference in honor of Professor A. Yu. Olshanskii, Vanderbilt University, May 5-10, 2006

·         Mid-Atlantic Algebra Conference at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, April 29-30, 2006.

·         Lie Algebras, Vertex Operator Algebras and Their Representations: Conference in honor of  R. Wilson and J. Lepowsky: NCSU, Raleigh, May 17 - 21, 2005.

·         AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Atlanta, Jan., 2005.

·         Mid-Atlantic Algebra Conference at George Mason University, Fairfax, Nov 13 -14, 2004.

·         Duke University Symposium on Computational Protein Biology, Duke University, Durham, 2004.

·         The Third Duke Mathematical Journal Conference, Duke University, Durham, April 23 - 24, 2004.

·         Algebra Seminar at NCSU, Raleigh, March 3, 2004.

·         Algebraic Geometry Seminar at the Department of Mathematics Duke University, Feb.18, 2004.

·         Department of Mathematics at UNC, Chapel Hill, Nov.7, 2003.

·         Conference in Honor of Walter Feit, Yale University, Oct., 2003

·         991 AMS Meeting, UNC, Chapel Hill, Oct. 24 - 25, 2003.

·         980 AMS Meeting, UW-Madison, Oct. 12 - 13, 2002.

·         Mid-Atlantic Algebra Conference at NCSU, Raleigh, Nov. 9 -10, 2002.

·         Mid-Atlantics Algebra Conference, Wake Forest University, 2001.

·         Colloquia talk at NCSU, Raleigh, Feb. 14, 2001.

·         Lie Theory and Related Topics Conference at the University of Wisconsin, Sep. 8 - 10, 2000.

·         Colloquia talk at the Marquette University, Milwaukee, Sep. 7, 2000.

·         Colloquia talk at the Marquette University, Milwaukee, April 8, 1999.

·         Colloquia talk at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Jan. 29, 1999.

·         AMS Meeting, Manhattan, Kansas, March 28, 1998.

·         AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, Jan. 1998

·         Lie Theory Seminar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 5, 1995.

·          All-Union Algebraic Conf. Kishinev, 1985.

·         Algebra seminar at Moscow State University, Moscow 1984.

·         All-Union Symp. of Ring Theory, Algebras and Modules, Minsk, 1984.

·         Algebra seminar at Moscow State University, Moscow, 1982.

·         All-Union Algebraic Conf. Leningrad, 1981.

·         All-Union Symp. of Ring Theory, Algebras and Modules, Kishinev, 1980.

·         Algebra seminar at Moscow State University, Moscow, 1980.

·         All-Union Algebraic Conf., Novosibirsk, 1979.


  • Amermerican Mathematical Society (since 1995)

  • Armenian Mathematical Society (since 1991)

  • The Mathematical Association of America (since 1997)


  • Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award, Collage of Sciences and Technology, NCCU, 2007

  • Outstanding Research Award, Collage of Arts and Sciences, NCCU, 2006

  • Higher students stipend (Lenin stipend) for the academic years 1973-1975

  • Armenian State Pedagogical Institute, Yerevan, Armenia.

  • Honor Diploma for academic achievement in mathematics.

  • Armenian State Pedagogical Institute, Yerevan, Armenia.    

  1. Proposal #0801145 , NSF, ANTC: Maximal Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algebras.
  2. Proposal submitted to NSA, Maximal Subalgebras of Classical Lie Algebras
  3. Proposal #0424572, NSF, CISE: Infrastructure for Collaborative Research an Education in
    Computational Science, High Performance Computing and Grid Applications.


  •  Maximal Subalgebras of Infinite Lie algebras of Cartan (W and S) (in preparation)
  •  Maximal Subalgebras of Infinite Lie algebras of Cartan ( H and K) (in preparation).
  •  Maximal Subalgebras of Classical Simple Lie algebras (in preparation).
  •  Exceptional Simple Lie Algebras of Characteristic 5 (in preparation)
  • Wei Bai, Wende Liu, Hayk Melikyan, Maximal Subalgebras of Hamiltonian and Contact Lie Superalgebras in Prime Characteristics, 2013 (manuscripts submitted for publication)
  • Wende Liu, Xuan Liu, Hayk Melikyan, Maximal Subalgebras of Witt and Special Superalgebras. 2012 (manuscript submitted for publication)
  • I. Filikhin, V. M. Suslov, M. Wu, M. Dukic, H. Melikyan and B. Vlahovic (2012). Electron energy and geometry parameters of InGaAs/GaAs quantum rings: an interpretation of C-V data. MRS Proceedings, 1411, mrsf11-1411-ee09-13 doi:10.1557/opl.2012.732
  • Filikhin, V. Suslov, H. Melikyan, B. Vlahovic. The InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dots under Effective and Ab Initio Treatments: Comparison and Results” NSTI-NanoTech Conf. Preceding, Vo 1, 578-581, 2009
  •  I. Filikhin, V. Suslov, M. Wu, H. Melikyan, B. Vlahovic. Modeling of the InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots with the non parabolic approximation and effective potential. Rusnanotech: Nanotechnology International Forum 08, Vo 1, 25-26pp, Moscow 2008.
  • B. Vlahovic, D. Markoff, I. Bondarev, I. Filikhin, H. Melikyan, G. Vlahovic, and   M. Wu, A Integration of nanoscale science and technology research into undergraduate curriculum at Minority Universities: book chapter  in edited collection  Nanoscale Science and Engineering  Education Issues, Trends and Future Directions, American Scientific Publishers, USA, 2007.
  • I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka, H. Melikyan, B. Vlahovic.  Electron States of Semiconductor Quantum Ring with Geometry and Size Variations: Molecular Simulation, vol 31, 11(2005), 779 - 785.
  • I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka, H. Melikyan, B. Vlahovic. Size Related Contribution to Electron Energy of the Quantum Ring: Proceedings of NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show Nanotech 2005, May 8-12, 2005 Anaheim, California, Vol. 3 (2005)736 - 739.
  • I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka, H. Melikyan, B. Vlahovic. Electron Energy States of InAs/GaAs Quantum Ring Array:  Proceedings of  NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show Nanotech 2005, May 8-12, 2005 Anaheim, California,  Vol. 3 (2005) 696 - 699.
  • H. Melikyan . Maximal Subalgebras of Modular Simple Lie algebras: Journal of Algebra 284 (2005) 824-856.
  • H. Melikyan . On the Maximal Subalgebras of Simple Infinite Lie Algebras of Cartan, XVIII All-Union Algebraic conf. Kishinev 1986, Part 2, 24-25pp.
  • H. Melikyan . The Maximal Homogeneous Subalgebras of Simple Lie Algebras of Cartan Type. VINITI, No.3653-84, 1-46pp. 1984.
  • H. Melikyan . Simple Irreducible 2-graded Lie Algebras with Component L0 = W1 Ĺ  K.  VINITI, No. 1688-82, 1-20pp, 1982.
  • H. Melikyan . On a Maximal Subalgebras of the Simple Lie Algebras of Cartan Type, XVI All-Union Algebraic Conf. Leningrad, 1981, Part I, 107pp.
  • H. Melikyan . Simple Irreducible 2-graded Lie Algebras with Component L0 = W1 Ĺ K.  IV All-Union Symp. of Ring Theory, Algebras and Modules. Kishinev, 1980, 74-75pp.
  • H. Melikyan . Simple Lie Algebras of Characteristic 5. Uspekhi Math.Nauk 35(1980), 1(211), 203-204pp. English Transl. in Russian Math. Surveys 35(1980).
  • H. Melikyan . On a Simple Lie Algebra. XV All-Union Algebraic Conf. Novosibirsk, 1979, 72-73pp.


A. published abstracts/ conference proceedings:

  • Electron Properties of SI/SIO2   Quantum Dots: From Single to Array  (with I. Filikhin,  V. Suslov, B. Vlahovic)  NSF Joint Annual Meeting, June, 2010
  • Bound States and Low-Lying Resonances of 7LHe and 9LBe .( with I. Filikhin,  V. Suslov, B. Vlahovic), NSF Joint Annual Meeting, June, 2009.
  • Geometrical Factors and Energy State of Quantum Ring, GRC HBCUs/OMUs Research Conference Sponsored by NASA, 2004, 21p, ( with T. Parson, I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka and B. Vlahovic).
  • In/GaAs Quantum Ring in Magnetic Field, GRC HBCUs/OMUs Research Conference Sponsored by NASA, 2004, 22p, ( with E. Joseph, I. Filikhin, E. Deyneka and B. Vlahovic).
  • Maximal subalgebras of the Simple modular Lie algebras, 923nd American Mathematical Society Meeting, Manhattan, Kansas, March 1998, 228p.

     In collaboration with Mrs. C. Shafreth, Dr. C. Rupert and Dr. J. Shoaf ( NCCU Problems Group) submitted
    solutions more then 15 problems to journal of The American Mathematical Monthly (1999 - 2002).

  •  Subspaces of the Vector Space of 2-by-2 Matrices, 10813 [2000, 567],The American Mathematical Monthly  6 , v 109, 751-752pp, 2000 (published)
  •  Additive Atoms, 10828 [2000, 753], The American Mathematical Monthly, 9, v 109, 856-857pp, 2002. (published)
  •  A Differential Equation with Many Solutions, 10747 [1999, 685],  The American Mathematical Monthly, n 7, v 179, 203-204 pp, 2000.(admitted )
  • Invertible Matrices Modulo n , 10767 [1999, 963], The American Mathematical Monthly, n 8, v 108, 774 p, 2001(admitted )
  • A High-powered Fibonacci Identity, 10774 [2000, 83],  The American Mathematical Monthly, n 2, v 109, 203-204 pp, 2002.(admitted )
  • Triperfect Numbers, 10800, [2000,368],  The American Mathematical Monthly,  n 3, v 109, 304-305 pp, 2002. (admitted )


A. Master Theses

A. Batikyan: The maximal subalgebras of Witt algebra, 1984, Vanadzor.

H. Tandilyan: Some problem in Lie algebras of Cartan type, 1984, Vanadzor.

Z. Manukyan: On properties of finite rings, 1985, Vanadzor.

A. Gokoryan: On theorem of Fermat, 1988, Vanadzor.

S.Spire: Algebraic properties of the Matrix Algebra, NCCU, 2007

K. Ozmorel:  Euclidean Domains that are not Principal Ideal Domains, 2011

A. Petrosyan: Classification ofspan style="mso-spacerun:yes">  Simple Lie Algebras,  2012

B. Master/Ph. D. Theses committee

Z. V. Babchenko, Raydiosity: Illumination in Computer Generated Imagery. MS Thesis, 2002.

Z. A. Harisson, Comparing Interior Method for Linear Programming. MS Thesis, 2003.

Z. H. Gevorgyan. Applications of the Shifted Inverse Power Method. MS Thesis, 2004

Z. Y. Forkish, Life Insurance Premiums: Applications of Statistics. MS Thesis, 2004

K. A. Ragland, Using Survival Function to Construct Life Table. MS Thesis, 2004

 O. Melnikova, Using the Danilevsky Method. MS Thesis, 2004

  Z. Xiao, Using MCD and MVE Robust Covariance Matrices in Structural Equation Modeling, MS Thesis, 2004

T. McKoy, The Numerical Solutions of The Finite Difference Method, MS Thesis, 2008.

T. Zatezalo.  A Finite Element Method for Elliptic PDEs. MS Thesis, 2010

           J. McGrew.  Group Gradings on Simple Lie algebras of Cartan and Melikyan Type. Ph.D. Thesis, 2010

C. Projects

Spring 2000

Project title- Grading Program .
Team:- Evelina Williams, Kihana Mixon, Cristina Smith and Lesli Bradford.
 Project title- Xcalendar and Xclock.
Team:- Justin Dash, Emmanuel Barnett, Melvin Branch,
 Project title- Secure E-Mail .
Team:- Stephon Harper, Jocelyn Walker, Gregory Ray, Greg Graves.
 Project title:- Data Warehousing .
Team:- Terrie Peterson.

Spring 2001

 Project title:- MYDB (My Database).
Team:- Katherine Dunn.
 Project title:- Test Your Knowledge.
Team:- Joey Johnson.
 Project title:- Grep Versus Database.
Team:- Latria Dolberry.
 Project title:- RAMIS and File Aid.
Team:- Karen Perry.
 Project title:- Viruses: An In Depth Look.
Team:- Janice Graves.
 Project title:- My SQL.
Team:- Sean Boothman.
 Project title:- Data Mining .
Team:- Carl Gaines.
 Project title:- Semistructured Data .
Team:- Domenic Owens.
 Project title:- Database and GUI.
Team:- Tyshawn Williams.

Spring 2002
 Project title:- Prestigious Car Rental and Tracking System, (IBM ImentorU).
Team: Pamela Kemp Price, Andre Norman, Kisha Adams and Jie Yang.
 Project title:- University Enrollment System, (IBM ImentorU).
Team: Carl Baker, Lesley Hosein, Duifa Long, Brenda Love, Lovella Parker.
 Project title:- Jacabson Airport Security System, (IBM ImentorU.
Team: Damien Berahzer, Renard McKenzie, Stacy Moore, Sarah Standiford.
 Project title:- Sole Swing Order Tracking System, (IBM ImentorU).
Team: Joshua Bullock, Janelle Ledbetter, Lawanda Lyons.
 Project title:- MYDB - MiniBase.
Team: Abhishek Bhandari, Roger L. Joy.
 Project title:- Data Mining; The Process and Algorithms.
Team: Jurmaine Newkirk
 Project title:-.AMLogOnx
Team: Andre Mayers

Spring 2003
 Project title:- Acme Online Banking Company, (IBM ImentorU).
Team: Mazarua, Charles, Udemadu, Basil ,Williams Kevin.
 Project title:- Acme Internet Book Store, (IBM ImentorU)
Team: Davit Smith, Charles Forest, Jia Wang, Ranim Abou;Chacra.
 Project title:- IFLIX (E-Commerce).
Team: Aditya Bhattarai, Robert Burbage.
 Project title:- My Calendar ( JavaScript).
Team: Cheo Johnson.
 Project title:- Applications of JavaScript with Linear Algebra.
Team: Tammy Dupree, Sandra McKay.

Fall 2003
Project title:- ASP and LOSS Prevention.
Team: Stanley Shockley.
Project title:- Database Security
Team: Xinhai Zhang

Spring 2004
Project title:- "Classact"
Team: Kevin Epps, Robert Park

Fall 2004

James Landy: Personal Checkbook Implementation

Doryne Sunda-Meya: The Cloth Simulation 


Spring 2005

Kyle James: Car Simulation in OpenG

Samantha Lindley, Daniel Aluoch: SaDantha Cable Company

Hellen Matereke: Class and Teacher Evaluation Website

Joseph Williams: Speech Synthesizer


Fall 2005

ShaLonda Morgan : My Library

Josheph C. Frazier: Khalimorandai Veternarian Online Hospital

Sekeya Francis : Cellular World

Mandie Blackburn: JDBC

Adetoye Adekanmbi: Gaming System

Emanuel Richardson: Applied Mathematics for Digital Signal Processing

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